Dominus Estate


is a wine producer based in Napa Valley, making one of the region's so-called cult Cabernets. The owner, Christian Moueix, has had ownership – at least in part – since 1982, and ran the estate concurrently with his family wine business in Bordeaux until 2008.

The estate is based around the Napanook vineyard, which is notable for being one of the first sites planted to grapes in the Napa Valley. George Yount, who gives his name to the Yountville appellation, set up a vineyard here in 1838 and, since then, the 50-hectare (124-acre) site has been owned by all manner of Napa stalwarts. Moueix went into partnership in 1982 with Robin Lail and Marcia Smith, the daughters of Inglenook's John Daniel Jr, and, in 1995, took over as the sole owner. Since then, a second vineyard has been added to the Dominus portfolio, this time in Oakville.


Napa Valley:

Known for its complexity and balance, Dominus demonstrates the potential of a wine produced on exceptional terroir. Structured, seamless and perfectly integrated, Dominus is an elegant wine that improves with age.

We recommend decanting the wine prior to serving, to allow it to develop its full potential, particularly when serving young dominus wines.



Napanook is a blend of bordeaux varietals specifically selected from the estate vineyard for their lively fruit and bold character. Napanook wines are youthful and exuberant, meant to be enjoyed regularly when a more casual wine is called for.