Harlan Estate

The Persistence of Nature

This transition zone between the wild terrain of the forest and the open plain of the valley is where we planted the vineyards, built the winery, and established our home. This is the edge of the change, and where we experience the activities of nature the most. I think that much of the character of the wine comes from the fact that the vineyards are carved from—and next to—these wild lands, this forest, and these woodlands. It's a good metaphor for life, as well as for our winegrowing philosophy.


Harlan Estate - The Wine:

These wines possess all the elements of greatness - individuality, power combined with elegance, extraordinary complexity, remarkable aging potential, and compelling richness without ponderousness.


The Maiden - The Wine

The Maiden represents the second selection from the estate. It is a highly detailed and sumptuous wine, remarkably faithful to the vineyard's pedigree. Accordingly, the resemblance to her "big sister" is unmistakable.