Eredi Fuligni

Giovanni Maria Fuligni moved to Montalcino at the beginning of the 1900s, where he started to produce wine, as his family had done before him in their lands in Maremma, mainly in Scansano. The Fuligni winery of Montalcino has been managed for decades by Maria Fuligni. The estate spreads over approximately 100 hectares of land with varying exposure. The vineyards, of almost 400 hectares, are on the north-eastern side of Montalcino, with the classic Brunello exposure. There is a cellar in the historic seat of Fuligni, a 17th century palazzo where the Medicean Grand Dukes used to reside, although the majority of the cellars are situated in Località Cottimelli, 3 km from Montalcino in the direction of Siena. The tasting rooms are in this same venue, in an ex-convent of nuns, dating back to the 16th century, which has recently been renovated. Since the passing of Giovanni Maria Fuligni in 1971, the winery has been managed by his daughter Maria Flora, a graduate in philosophy and a true woman of wine, who lovingly manages the inherited lands with the same wisdom and passion as her ancestors.



100% Sangiovese


On the best vintage years, Fuligni selects a Brunello Riserva which is refined for five years, as per regulation, three and a half of which in wood. The grapes of Brunello Riserva generally come from our oldest vineyards, making a concentrated, long-living wine of superior quality and pleasantness. With the right storage conditions, the Brunello Riserva’s evolution can develop over several decades. Fuligni Riservas can be found in the cellars of great wine collectors and are an excellent investment thanks to the value they have earned both in market quotations and in wine auctions.

Brunello Di Montalcino D.O.C.G.

Brunello Fuligni Regular is refined for four years as per regulation, two and a half (sometimes three) of which are in wood. It has the characteristics of a long-living wine, but, unlike the Riserva, it is ready to drink. An elegant fusion of fruit and spices, Brunello Fuligni comes from a careful selection of prestigious grapes. We keep a low yield per hectare and if a vintage is not good enough we decide not to make any Brunello Fuligni because the quality of the grapes would not match the high standards of our winery.

Rosso Di Montalcino D.O.C. Ginestreto

Rosso di Montalcino Fuligni bears the name Ginestreto, under which it is well-established in the market and renowned as a high-quality product. It too derives from a careful selection and is partially refined for some months in French rover tonneaux. The Rosso boasts a strong fruity flavor and is infinitely flexible when it comes to food pairings.