Bordeaux En Primeur

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What does it mean?

The expression En Primeur identifies the system of buying and selling wine when it is still in barrels and thus, before bottling.

In this way, the customer is allowed to invest in a particular label before it arrives on the market materially. Usually, the En Primeur campaigns, which are almost always a characteristic of Bordeaux wine producers, begin 18 months before the wine is available. Consequently, although the payment is made in advance, according to the rules that each merchant has.

The advantages of buying En Primeur are multiple. In an increasingly global market, where the wine has become an asset to the attention of many investment funds, buying En Primeur means almost always strong earnings once the wine is sold, as the price of the En Primeur period could be considerably lower. Also, many wines given their poor availability on the market could be purchased at “normal” prices only during the En Primeur campaigns.

Gotan Wine can offer year after year, all En Primeur campaigns thanks to its exclusive partnership with leading Negociants of Bordeaux.

Not only that: thanks to our contacts, we can satisfy all the requests you may have for any vintage and type of wine produced in Bordeaux.

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